We have developed a streamlined and effective college planning and admissions process for working with students here in Hong Kong, in the United States, and elsewhere around the world.



With our professional background and experience in college admissions consulting, we use effective evaluation tools to gain a comprehensive view of the student’s academic strengths and potential areas for improvement. These initial tests lay the foundation for the rest of the college planning process. When paired with our career assessment screening tools, they allow us to advise the student on how best to navigate college admissions with specific long-term academic and career goals in mind. 

Pre-College Planning

We believe that all students have unique attributes to offer the college community. We point our clients in directions that highlight their academic strengths, talents, and overall interests. We advise on course selection and sequence, seeking a dynamic balance of rigor, flexibility, and performance. We also identify leadership opportunities, internships, summer programs, and co-curricular activities that can help strengthen student profiles.


The college application process is quite challenging and complex. We assist in the following ways:

  • We recommend the most suitable choice of standardized test (SAT or ACT) and optimize preparation and results.
  • We develop a challenging yet attainable college list, including plausible reach schools and necessary safe choices.
  • We provide suggestions on campus visits to narrow down target colleges.
  • We enhance student profiles through preparation of curriculum vitae.
  • We coach students to ensure effective performance on their interviews.
  • We suggest sources for letters of recommendation.
  • We brainstorm college essay ideas and refine essays through scrupulous editing and review.
  • We ensure students a timely completion of the applications.

College Admissions

Analyzing your acceptances can also be a challenging process. We will help arrange campus visits that will assist you in your decision-making.  

If you are waitlisted at a school, we can help you develop a strategy that might lead to admission.

College and Beyond

A student’s journey doesn’t end with admission. We provide guidance throughout the college years to ensure that our students and families are well adjusted to this chapter of their lives.

Moving away from home to learn and live in a new environment can be overwhelming.  In order to ensure a seamless transition, we will identify both academic and non-academic strategies that are necessary for success, such as study skills, time management, career planning, and co-curricular involvement.

Winnie helped our son find the right voice in his personal essay and was always patient in explaining the complex admission considerations with us. We were truly delighted to have Winnie on our side.”
— Parent, Boston University