Comprehensive Package

  • Offering ongoing communications and meetings with students and families throughout the college planning process.
  • Coaching students to develop initiative throughout the college planning process and to develop a sense of ownership around this critical step in their lives.
  • Advising on course selection, leadership opportunities, standardized test schedules (SAT/ACT), internships, summer programs, and co-curricular activities.
  • Developing a realistic college list and setting up campus visits.
  • Preparing students for their interviews.
  • Providing guidance in updating their c.v.s and activity lists.
  • Suggesting suitable sources for letters of recommendation.
  • Brainstorming college essay ideas and editing and reviewing essay drafts.
  • Monitoring the progress of student applications and ensuring that students adhere to the testing calendar.
  • Providing guidance on transition to college.

Individualized Package

Our college admissions specialists are prepared to work with any and all students and will create a customized package to meet any student’s college admissions needs. Let’s talk.